Meet the Makers: Mengsha and Sean

Mengsha would jump out of a plane to catch a new experience. Wacky, goony, goofy, and spoony, she’s that energetic friend whose brain blows fuses as she drags you from one experience to another, trying to savor every last drop of life. One of the most brilliant minds at Caltech, we are happy to report that when she’s not prodding jellyfish in her lab she’s making great strides in area of utilizing student poverty to cook some kickass food. She drinks coffee instead of water and regularly dreams about waltzing over golden lakes of butter with Monsieur otoro (not pictured).

Sean’s stomach is a proud denizen of Japan, so we’re all still a bit mystified by how it ended up where it is now. Once a picky persnickety kid separating all the green things from all the other stuff on his dinner plate, Sean is now a programmer of Skynet by day and a lover of all things ramen and sushi by night. The only thing more attractive than his adventurous palate is his immense ballroom dancing ability.

Their star-rating system:

5: Moan-worthy. Wait, would that be undignified?

4: Impressive. Begins to induce foodgasms.

3: Reliable. Would eat again.

2: Meh.

1: Disrespecting the ingredients.

0: This is not food. It is a Tragedy. Makes us cry.


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